казино болгария

Bulgaria, which is located in Eastern Europe, is said to be home to more then 15,000 gambling machines.

There are just 2 cities in Bulgaria that allow gambling legally and they have a grand total of 7 legal gambling facilities.

Casinos are the only type of legal gambling facility allowed in Bulgaria.

Sofia is the city that has the majority of the casinos – five.

The largest of the casinos in Bulgaria is the Hemus Hotel and Casino which is one of the five located in Sofia.

They offer a total of 11 tables for games and more than 100 casino video/slot poker games as well as other video terminal gaming machines.

The gambling in Bulgaria is regulated by Bulgarian Gaming Law.

This was adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament back in 1999 and has made amendments to the law every year since.

The laws of gambling here dictate that there must be such regulations in place such as: Even though there is only 2 cities that offer gambling, there are plenty of gambling places to choose from.

For more detailed laws or rules for each casino, you can check with the customer service desk at each casino.

They will be happy to provide you with a detailed list of their casino guidelines.

Astera Casino & Hotel Anons 94 AD Zlatni Piasaci Varna, Varna 9007 Bulgaria 359-52-359-778 Casino Bulgaria 21 Aleksandrovska Street Hotel Bulgaria Burgas, Burgas Bulgaria 359-56-842-820 Casino Cherno More Hotel Cherno More 33 Slivniza Boulevard Varna, Varna Bulgaria 359-52-323-115 Casino Diamant Sunny Beach 8240 Hotel Diamant Burgas, Burgas Bulgaria 359-55-422-457 Casino Elit Route E80 Kulata, Burgas Bulgaria Casino Havana Hotel Havana Golden Sanda Varna, Varna 9007 Bulgaria 359-52-355-356 Casino Helena Sands Sunny Beach 8240 Hotel Helena Sands Burgas, Burgas Bulgaria 359-55-420-010 Casino Hrizantema Sunny Beach Hotel Hrizantema Burgas, Burgas Bulgaria 359-55-422-667 Casino International Zolotye Peski Varna, Varna Bulgaria 359-52-357-194 Casino Kempinski Zografski 100 James Baucher Square Hotel Kempinski Zografski Sofia, Sofia 1407 Bulgaria 359-29-692-222 Casino London Club Hotel Radisson Narodnoye Sbranye 4 Sofia, Sofija-Grad 1022 Bulgaria 359-29-807-075 Casino Maritza 42 Tsar Boris the Third Street Plovdiv, Plovdiv Bulgaria 359-32-952-727 Casino Memphis Maria Luisa Boulevard 103 Sofia, Sofija-Grad 1022 Bulgaria 359-29-313-030 Casino Princess Maria Luisa Boulevard 131 Sofia, Sofija-Grad 1022 Bulgaria 359-29-338-888 Casino Rila 6 Kaloyan Street Hotel Rila Sofia, Sofija-Grad 1022 Bulgaria 359-29-818-067 Casino Rodina & Hotel Rodina 8 Totleban Boulevard Sofia, Sofija-Grad 1022 Bulgaria 359-29-179-999 Casino Trimonzium 3 Captain Raycho Street Plovdiv, Plovdiv 4000 Bulgaria 359-32-605-000 Casino Varna & Grand Hotel Varna Grand Hotel Varna Station Drouzhba Varna, Varna 9006 Bulgaria 359-52-362-831 Hemus Hotel and Casino 31 Cherny vrah Boulevard Sofia, Sofia Bulgaria 359-29-356-330 Nymphes Princess Casino 1 Geo Milev Street Svilengrad, Sliven Bulgaria Viva!