казино атлантида бесплатно

Presented by Pragmatic Play and delivered through Kroon Casino, Queen of Atlantis is a fun undersea adventure slot style game that features beautiful mermaids, stacked plays, free spins, super free spins and more.

The backdrop for the online game is an undersea kingdom, and the music is very nautical and whimsical, just like you would expect from a magically-themed game like this.

The major cards in this game are the mermaid card, the octopus, the dolphin, the trident, the jellyfish, the helmet and the emerald ring.

The minor cards are symbols, rather than face cards, including diamond, heart, spade and club symbols in deep jewel-tone colors.

The wild card features a mermaid tail and when it lands during a free spin or super free spin, it can multiply up to 27x for huge payouts for players.

The scatter symbols in this game is a beautiful gold seashell with a white pearl in the center, and it’s much larger than some of the other symbols on the board, which only lends to the majestic feel of this game.

When the scatter symbol hits on 3 or more reels, free spins are activated.

When it appears on all 5 reels, 20 free spins are awarded.

What’s more, when more scatter symbols appear during free spins, 5 more free spins are added for each scatter symbol that appears.

Furthermore, during super free spins, up to 28 more free spins can be awarded when scatter symbols appear in this series of plays.

What’s great about this game is that there are no limits on the number of free spins that can be awarded so you could play for a long time without additional betting required.

You’ll get a super scatter play when you see a seashell with a pearl and the word “super” above it.