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To the North are Caribbean Sea coastlines and to the South is the Pacific Ocean, so welcome to Honduras.

The Central American country is famously known for its many nature parks and preserves, and the ancient Mayan culture.

However, the gambling industry of this country is just as intriguing.

For one, the history of gambling and casinos in Honduras is particularly uncertain.

The history of Honduras, or the Republic of Honduras, is generally perceived with the Mayan culture and other linguistic and cultural diversities.

Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras on July 30, 1502. As a result, the greatest percentage of the things found in Honduras today is influenced by the Spaniards, including languages and religions.

Everything in Honduras (including gambling, maybe) was operated by the Spaniards until September 15, 1821, when Central America gained full independence from Spain.

Concurrently, Honduras herself gained independence from the Central American Federation on November 5, 1838.

Furthermore, gambling activities particularly were overlooked throughout these ups and downs.

Although Hondurans participate in various forms of gambling, the government have always been negligence of gambling facilities and activities in the country.

But today, there is a regulatory body that licenses and regulates gambling facilities and activities within the country.

Most casinos in Honduras are permitted because they are parts of big hotels — other facilities are mostly unregulated. The tourists, residents and natives of Honduras can enjoy a wide range of gambling activities, although the number of facilities is a drawback.