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If you are in the business of Retail then “Retailware” is the software that is must for your business.

Any kind of Retail business can run smoothly & effciently with the help of Retailware, hence we advise our customers “Galla Chhodo, Aage Badho!

” That means there is no need to sit at the cash counter & manage the daily chorus, but you can have Freedom to leave your business with your employees & increase your business by opening new branches, take vital decisions & actions or spend some quality time with your family without worrying about the business.

You can run your business in Auto Pilot mode as Retailware has many unique features such as: Accuracy in Billing & Inventory, Get information about the daily Sales & cash collection figures on your mobile, Various Reports for taking business decisions etc. In the dynamic Jewellery business if you are not using a system it is very difficult to grow the same.

The variety of types, designs, weights can pose lot of problems in running the business.

If you do not have well experienced & honest staff then it is more difficult to operate.

The precious business of Jewellers is very sensitive as far as the accuracy is concerned.

A minor mistake in calculating the price of an ornament may cause heavy losses.

Even the price is very dynamic hence it is necessary to keep on changing the price right as per the market movement of prices.

Retailware’s Jewelsoft Plus has many utilities & facilities that can help the Jewellers the grow their business vertically as well has horizontly.

The Jewellers who are using Jewelsoft Plus to manage their business can also say “ Galla Chhodo, Aage Badho!

Hotels, Restaurant, Snacks & Fast Food centre, Quick Service or Home Delivery counter or any food service establishment owners can use “Retailware F & B” to manage your operations & run the business systematically.