joker fire

This is an offering courtesy of Play'n Go gaming developers, it has 3 reels and 5 paylines.

The game is appropriately titled Fire Joker and Play'n Go have taken this concept and made it literal.

The game's design and interface is especially striking with the use of a classic looking transparent diamond background that looks like a glass window overlooking a fiery furnace that is blazing with burning red flames and engulfed in smoke.

There is a joker that not only acts as a symbol in the game but is also the main character and can fill up the entire reel to help players make insane winnings.

Players may feel that a three slot with just five paylines won't pack much of a punch at the payout table but boy are they wrong.

This game allows players to line up some insane combinations which can actually pay up to 800x your total bet.

Although this game isn't a classic slot in terms of having three reels and a single payline it does surprisingly feature a lot of the classic slot symbols including fruits, bars, bells and a set of lucky sevens.

It can be said that this game is perfect for classic slot players who like things a little bit edgier than just having a single payline at the table.

Being fire elemental, he's weak to ice, so having Nina use Cold/Frost is an effective way to damage him (it deals upwards 50 damage).

Ryu and Katt should focus on attacking and should one of the party members get hit, have Katt heal the one that was hurt. Spider · Paladin · Palo · Peach · Pest · Puti · Ray · Roach · S.

With a decent level, Ryu and Katt should be able to absorb 2-3 blows each but Nina will only be able to absorb 1 blow before requiring healing. Golem · Stone · Stump · Terapin · Tiga · Villagrs · Wildcat · Witch · Zombie Bando · Capitan · Cot Lnd · Coursair · Dologany · Dream · Evrai · Farm Town · Fog Valley · Gate · Guntz · Home Town · Highfort · Namanda · Sima Fort · Sky Tower · Tag Woods · Township · Tunlan · Wild Cat · Witch Twr · Whale Cape · Wyndia · Arad Desert · M.

Overall, he's not terribly difficult but he can be troublesome if he decides to focus on Nina (as that means Katt will have to heal her every single turn, which might make the player run out of Herbs , depending on how many the player brought).