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There's always something Is there such a thing as a lightweight @Dropbox client? Incremental garbage collection preview, timeline events, particle improvements, Open GL ES3.2 on Android, Shortcut Manager and more gamefromscratch.com/post/2019/01/2…

Remember, it's only free during February so "buy" it now. #gamedev #indiedev #Unreal Engine pic.twitter.com/i NR8b2era S Hands-on with the CCG Toolkit for @Unreal Engine. ...now, if hibernate support worked on my Razer, I'd be delighted.

I'm a big Violent Femmes fan, which is why I bought it in the first place 2. Actually lots of covers on that album, I'm a sucker for covers Go hands-on with the Platformer 2D Kit just released as part of the Unreal Engine free content for February. It's Ubuntu based, but targeted to developers and focused on GPU support.

Ignoring cost Its easily the best tablet available, I think few would argue that. Wow its hot garbage(mostly due to bad keyboards, mice support and terribad filesystem) Its not great at anything, but good enough at everything. Kinda depressing when system problems render your efforts pretty much useless. it's got the best Optimus support I've seen bar none...

#gamedev #Unreal Engine #indiedev pic.twitter.com/ij VZm CPWDu Epic Games released the February free Unreal Engine assets. a CCG template, a 2D Platformer, Sci/fi level, new texture packs and more. #gamedev #indiedev #Unreal Engine pic.twitter.com/9hhvv XWUgm Like my i Pad... Videos not being made public, subscribers not getting notifications etc... If we got told "hey guys/gals, where having some issues" great, we'd just wait. Traffic fell off a cliff a few hours ago, like a switch was flipped. Watch supported VR games without a headset, while being able to navigate the world on your PC using WASD keys/mouse look. pic.twitter.com/zsht EJ2GQk On a laptop, I think Po P by @system76 wins hands down...

Last week I finally pulled the trigger on a Surface Pro. The last few weeks there's been a lot of problems and glitches. VReal add desktop mode to their Virtual Reality broadcasting solution, enabling a much larger audience to participate.

After years of thinking about it, but not doing it... But as a pragmatic compromise travel device, amazing.

On some machines I'd love to be able to install a version of Dropbox that displayed my available files, but only downloaded (and then sync'd) files or folders I manually requested. #gamedev #indiedev #Unity3d pic.twitter.com/6p0l S38h Cf I would actually go so far as to say if you want to primarily develop in C , Godot us a bad fit.

You can do it, create a game entirely in C , but it would be brutally unproductive.

C for extensibility only I'd say is a good rule of thumb.

3D is the next bit to cover in the book that I am working on to update to 3.1.

I did however do a 3 part tutorial on creating a simple 3D bowling game in Godot that might be useful.