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Состав игры: - Большое красочное игровое поле 68х47см- Купюры по 100 песо - 24 шт.- Купюры по 500 песо - 12 шт.- Фишки 4 шт.

Even the announcer was shocked."A rebound at the buzzer, by Watson... The controversy started the moment the refs made the call.

(KRQE) - It was buzzer beater that knocked Eldorado out of the State High School Basketball Championship game. They're gonna count it," said the announcer at Thursday's semi-final boy's basketball game at The Pit.

When the video is slowed down, it appears the ball is still in the Cleveland player's hands when the time runs out and the buzzer sounds."It was obvious, really obvious," said Eldorado student Shawn Prue, who attended the game. "His feet were still on the ground and the buzzer went off afterwards and he let go of the ball and it went in, and they still counted the point," said another student, Ziairah Carreon.

Fans are disappointed, and they feel bad for the basketball team. Their final game of their career is gonna be on a last second gypped shot," said Prue.

"It wasn't right, it wasn't fair at all," said Carreon. Eldorado fans even sent us screenshots of the moment in question, saying that call should have been replayed.

"I think they should install a replay thing or something so we don't have to go through this ever again," said Prue. "When all is said and done, what the officials' judgment is stands," said Dusty Young, the Associate Director of the New Mexico Activities Association.

Complaints are also coming in about Cleveland's coach, Sean Jimenez, and his behavior after the game, rubbing the win in Eldorado's face."To do that... Jimenez responded to KRQE News 13, "This is taking away from our team's hard fought win."The NMAA said it's looking into it.

"Anytime we hear concerns about a coach or a student athlete or administrator, or even spectators regardless of sportsmanship we're of course going to take that very seriously, and we're gonna investigate that," said Young.

Сегодня кейс об успешном опыте оценки сотрудников через игру от Анастасии Кузнецовой, руководителя отдела подбора, обучения и оценки персонала «Эльдорадо».

Оценка на соответствие компетенциям проходит в Эльдорадо ежегодно на всех уровнях розничного управления.

Она нужна для: 3 года назад стало понятно, что сотрудники готовятся к аттестации и ищут «правильные» ответы в литературе и Википедии. И решили провести оценку с помощью разработанной специально для компании настольной игры.