игры секреты

The tennis mental game consists of physical strength and mental fitness.

No matter how skillful you are, physically winning a tennis match can still be out of your reach if your mind is not conditioned.

Below are some of the tennis mental game techniques and training for every player in order to condition their mind to win tennis matches.

Visualization is a big part of the tennis mental game.

Sports Psychologists are using visualization to train athletes to strengthen their mental tennis game.

Visualization means your mental ability to create events or happenings in your mind.

In other words, you can visualize yourself attaining your goals to serve excellently in tennis, or improving you skills in tennis games or simply you imagine yourself better than what you are in your present condition for you to be able to build your self confidence or self belief.

In the end visualization can help you peak in your tennis games.

Every tennis player should do visualization exercises prior to a tennis match.

Spend several minutes prior to a tennis match visualizing that you are going to play the best tennis match you ever played in your life.

Imagine yourself playing in the court with excellent first service and second service percentage.

You can also visualize that you will be able to use you powerful groundstrokes to make you opponent more vulnerable.