игры конга

Based on the events of the motion picture Кинг Конг (2005), this game allows the player to play as man, or as Kong.

When the crew arrive at Skull Island, they are faced with many thrills and challenges throughout.

Spider-Man/Peter Parker struggles between his personal life which involves Mary Jane Watson and his superhero life where he joins up with a vigilante known as Black Cat battling a series of foes including the mad Doc Ock.

I'm not much of a gamer; besides my PC, my old PS2 is my only gaming console.

I recently dusted it off and spent my summer going through my old games, including this one.

Upon replay, the greatest aspect of this game for me is the unsettling, anxiety-inducing atmosphere.

As Jack, you have the first-person perspective of someone in this scenario.

You know that primal fear instilled by our ancestors of being helpless and hunted in an unfamiliar environment, worrying about encountering a lion, tiger, or saber-toothed cat armed only with spears?

This game gave me that same sensation multiplied by a factor of five.

I say that because dinosaurs are a lot more intimidating than plain old lions, tigers, and bears.

I got very anxious in a level with a lot of Venatosaurus or juvenile V-Rex where I'm low on ammo or don't have a gun at all.

Spears aren't very helpful if there's more than one dinosaur.