игровые автоматы вулкана

“This may have been one of the worst accounts of horses turning into carnivores, but it’s not the first.

There have been many written accounts of horses eating meat mostly it is of times where there are no grass.

Back in the early years there were many explorers traveling to the south pole, and the common way of traveling in the snowy conditions was to use sled dogs for these adventures. These horses were taught to eat meat and animal fat so that when there was no grass to graze on they would still have food to sustain them.

These horses also have a subdermal layer of fat to keep them warm and when the air is cold the horses are able to alter their rate of respiration.

The most famous meat eating horse was Sir Ernest Shackletons Manchurian pony, Socks.

This horse was the first recorded horse to share a meat based meal with his owner in 1908.

There has not been another horse to come as close to the South Pole as Socks did.

In 1938 a German expedition to Tibet actually filmed the blood eating horses.

Tibetan horses were used by CIA spies for riding from China to Tibet.

This was customary until after the Chinese “cultural revolution” decimated Tibet.

Here are a few extra fun facts I found out while researching meat eating horses 1) BBC also filmed horses eating fish on a beach of an English Island.

2) In Iceland pastured horses are provided, salted fish as a protein and mineral/salt supplement.