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I wanted to create an attendance capturing system with using NFC tags. Technically used C# language with WPF interfaces and which is contains functions to expose Personal Computer/Smart Card (PC/SC) services for using smart cards and smart card readers. Write and read data to the NFC tag when the application starts, system will detect the connected NFC reader and will established the context with the reader.

I’ve used ACR122u as the NFC reader and Mifare Classic 1K cards as tags.

I’ve developed simple WPF application, contains two basic functions. Get card UID: Chip contains a unique serial number for identification purposes, this is called UID. First of all we have to create following class on our solution.

This is main window code behind, When we press the button 1, system will connect to the card on the reader and start to get the card UID.

Here is rest of main window code: Thank you very much!

Please comment below if you have any questions or errors or anything :) From next post, I'll guide you to write and read data to the card.

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