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Minecraft’s Biomes o’ Plenty mod does just what the name would make you think.

While adding a slew of new and unique biomes to the game though, it also adds several new types of flora, as well as unique world and construction blocks to complement all the different, new biomes.

This is one of the biggest Minecraft mods to date in terms of the amount of content it adds to the game, though it does make use of many textures and items naturally found in the game to produce some of the new biomes.

Therefore, not all of the content is new, but the way in which things are arranged certainly hasn’t been seen before.

There are bayous, bogs, brushlands and more new biomes to discover and explore, but perhaps the cherry forests and crag biomes are some of the most unique and updated biomes, featuring lots of custom content and very little natural Minecraft content.

Many of the new areas introduced by the Biomes o’ Plenty mod also have custom spawns as well, so you might see monsters you’re not used to seeing in some places, or monsters that never existed before in others.

For a Minecraft facelift beyond the depth level of any resource pack, check out this mod.

The acquisition will combine Tektronik’s local router and decoder repair and refurbishment expertise with ANOVO’s technological expertise, breadth of service and international reach.

It further consolidates ANOVO’s presence in Latin America and provides a strong foothold in the Brazilian market.

The new ANOVO do Brasil will retain and grow the existing Tektronik management team, service offering and client base, which includes Claro, PACE, Technicolor and Sky amongst others.

Following the successful integration of this new subsidiary, ANOVO will continue to develop its activities across Latin and Central America, with specific targets including the rapid development of activities in Colombia which began in 2012, the launch of services for the Telco market in Brazil, and the growth of activities in Chile and Peru.

François Lacombe, ANOVO Group CEO, said: “We are very happy to welcome Tektronik to the ANOVO family.