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When you need a loan to help you get back on your feet, there is nothing worse than having creditors tell you that you do not qualify because you’ve fallen down.

A lot of Australians have taken a fall over recent years, and their credit ratings have dropped along with them.

The economic recession has cost many people their jobs and created other hardships.

If you only recently have gotten a job again, or you are trying to start your own business, you may need a little extra money to help you out in the meantime.

How can you get a $5,000 bad credit loan in Australia?

If possible, try to repair your credit rating first, so that you can qualify for a loan with a better interest rate and fewer fees.

If you have a credit card or other debts, do everything you can to catch up on your payments and stay current.

If you manage to do this, six months down the road, your credit rating may start to look better.

If you need the loan now for an emergency, that obviously is not an option, but if you are not in a huge hurry, it is a good place to start.

Here in Australia, there are non-profit organizations which help out members of the community with their needs.

One organization to look into is the Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service, which has been operating in Australia for 150 years.

The organization offers no interest loans and low interest loans to people who are in a low income bracket.