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Royal Secretary General of the Royal Association ​HRH. Name and Acronym of Organization: African Management Development International (AMDI) Registration Certificate No.

Prince /Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo Duke and head of the Royal Family of the Principality of Chandrarupa Patani Darul Makrif Sri Mempawah, Indonesia. Prince Of Fattan Family From Mempawah Kingdom, Prince of the Sulaiman Dynasty Mempawah Dynasty, Raja Muda of Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom Rajasri Vijaya Bhoomi Ratna, Rajasri Raja Maha Vijaya Vansam of the Royal India Dynasty Chairman of International Humanity And Educations,honorary ambassador and effective member of world academy of human sciences, deputy human right minister of international parliament, chairman of world student peace federation Indonesia, member of chamber inter commerce of international royal academy of united nations, singer of perawan desa and cinta tergila gila by pangeran chandrarupa ,author of celoteh sang pangeran ,receive awards as: royal title as rajasri vijaya ratna from Rajasri vijaya maharajathi dynasty, India, royal title as princepe de sao pedro from royal palace of borghese, Brazil,doctor honoris causa of sosial humanity from alb brazil, doctor honoris causa of humanity from cbc brazil,accademia honoris causa from Academia Internazionale Umanitarian Opere Italy, Phenomenal Person from FACE Pakistan, Humanity Award from Fundprinces Rusia, The Ortodox Order of Saint barbara award from saint barbara ukraine,recohecimento cultural from ANBA Brazil,cultural award from casa real fernadez argentina,accademico d’onore from internazionale accademia di filosofia Italy,order of humanity from knight spain. 2009 of 2006 (The Swaziland Companies Act No.7 of 1912) Title, Initials, Surname, and Founder of African Management Development International (AMDI), URGC Ambassador CEO/Founder of Booker Autism Foundation of Learning, Inc.

His Royal Highness Prince / Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo, is also Second Ranking of the Royal House of HRH. Tengku Putri Utama Raja of the Royal Family of Indonesia. (BAFOL), former Spokeswoman and Global Ambassador of the United Nations For Goodwill Ambassadors (UNAGA), and former Earth Ambassador for Autism with WLFD; Her Excellency graciously states, “I was not born with a Title or a Crown, but I was bestowed one.

Founder/Chairman of African Management Development International. Motto: Training People in Capacity Building, Performance Enhancement, Human Resource Development, and Management.

I am still the Igwe (King) of Nigerian Residence Here in the Kingdom of Swaziland. John Ndubuisi Duru – Coordinator of Programmes: HND, BAc, Dip in Public Administration, Dip in Theology & Psychology Advanced Diploma in General Management and Project Management.

Duru His Crown Prince from Umuchima Ideato South Imo State of Nigeria But Recently a Swazi Citizen After 22Years of Residence Here in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

URGC Ambassador HRH is the First Son of the Late Chief Dennis O.

After that kingdom Tiworo reappear after Cucu Omputo sangia (Wa Ode Kadingke) established the Sultanate Tiworo to defeat King Muna La Ode Sumaili. From the former Princely State of Rajpipla, in India. Human Rights, Ambassador Of Peace, Publicity Ambassador for WCH, Supreme Chancellor International, Ambassador to Brazil for Arts Culture & Humanity.

Tiworo kingdom was once engaged in a war with the Kingdom during the reign Muna La Ode Husein ( Omputo sangia ) as a result of the political divide et impera by the Netherlands (politics pitting the Netherlands). The Kingdom of Aba Thembu is at Mtata in a village called Bumbane where the King stays. A non profit lobbyist and contract negotiator in the USA. URGC Ambassador Publicity Ambassador for WCH, Prof.

There is some suggestion that prior to the establishment of the kingdom of Muna , in the Northwest of the island muna standing royal Tiworo . The heir of Mthikrakra’s grandson , King Sabatha Dalindyebo is the reigning King Buyelekhaya “Zwelibanzi” Dalindyebo who is leading us today as the King of Aba Thembu, the Madibas. We are basically residing from the Eastern Cape province in the Thembuland. De Andre Duke of Hamumanteshwar is of the Royal family of Rajpipla, India. Basic human rights, environmental rights, workers rights adviser. URGC Ambassador From the Royal House of Lagos, Nigeria, Born UK, Professional Singer, Local Independent Candidate of Thanet Council, Worked with Charities and is dedicated to helping young people develop socially.

Some other details are also mentioned the existence of the Kingdom Kabaena , the Kingdom Poleang and Kulisusu. of the Royal House of Vassili ​ Her Royal Highness is the Princess Royal of the Royal House of Vassili, and the the daughter of Sovereign H. Fadana gave birth to three sons, Zulu, Mbengo and Mehlomane. The house of Mthikrakra is the one that gave birth to Nelson Mandela house from the third wife. Is a Dr of Religious Science and a minister with the Universal life church of Modesto California and a White Light Energy Practitioner/Spiritual Therapist.

In Southeast Sulawesi stand another royal kingdom of Buton , the Kingdom Konawe , the Kingdom Mekongga , the Kingdom Tiworo and the Kingdom Kaledupa. Prince Chrysostomos II, of the Royal House of Vassili & Silva, H. While he was that young the Royal family agreed that Fadana, as a paternal uncle to the child should take over till the child is old.