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Agile course correction requires constant feedback, and we keep our lines of communication clear and free for our clients.

Bendyworks believes in daily, efficient contact in a way that works for you.

Which means you’ll never be left wondering how the project is coming along.

Because we charge by time and materials, you can change the scope of your project in a natural way as it evolves. Need to stop a project and start it up again later?

No need to rework a contract, Bendyworks will adjust to your needs on the fly.

Two brains are better than one, especially when it comes to coding and design.

We adhere to the agile principle of pair programming to improve the accuracy, elegance, and development time of the software we write for you.

With constant code review, superior project navigation, and instant bug detection, there really is no better way to develop software.

When it comes time to fully flesh out your project, we take the traditional development path and turn it on its head. By using Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development, which both dramatically speed up the development time and improve the accuracy of a project.

At Bendyworks we believe you should use a hammer when you need a hammer, and a wrench when you need a wrench.

From Ruby on Rails to Cocoa Touch, we’re equipped and skilled with the most effective development and design tools the digital world has to offer.

We won’t ever use the wrong solution to the problem just because “we know this particular technology.” There are a lot of bright brains under our company’s roof, and they’re all great at something different.