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ÄԴͷͧ駤 15 ä ҵä ä þ ͧ ͵պ ҴѡԴ ͧѡʺ عѢ ҡҴ˭ ͹硫 äԤ⹫ ѧ äشҴеԴ äʹ (AIDS) ͡ҡԤѹä Ѩغѹ äԴ ѹªԴ١ǺСӨѴ ä þ ǹ äԴ ҧԴѧҧŴعçͧäŧ ҵä ѧ äԴ ªԴҡ ѧ äԴ ԴԴ äͧѡʺ ԴҡªԴ 㹻ѡҡ Japanese encephalitis ¡ (JE) Դѹ¶֧Ե ѵҡûµ ҧ 20-30 ǹ˭ ص 5-10 оäءĴٽ 㹻¾äҤ˹ҡҤ Դͧѡʺ ʴҡ § 1 300-500 ҹ鹷ҡ Ǵ ͹ ҡûǴШҡ ¹ ǧ֡ ҧҨҡ秪ѡеء Ҩҡ ·عçҡж֧ҳѹ 7-9 ͧä ҾйǨмҹп鹵 Ңͧäҳ 4-7 ѻ ǻҳ 60 ͧ¨դԡ ҵẺ (spastic) ͧᢹ վĵԡ¹ŧ ʵԻѭ Ѩغѹ äͧѡʺ ѧѡ ͧѹ¡éմѤչ 2 ҧѹ 1 ͹ ǩմա 1 ѧҡմ 2 1 èѤչ 1 դ Ѻ booster dose DTP OPV ա§١اѴ ѹ繾Тͧä äԤѹͧ ԴҡõԴ ി¹ (Human Immunodeficiency Virus : HIV) ¡ ͪ 价ʹ ˹ҷҧԤѹä ·ԴԤѹŧ ҧöҹҹäա äҧ (¡ա˹ ä͡) ֧ҫ ѳä ʹ ԴкԵ зªԵ㹷ش лѨغѹѧѡ äʹ öԴ͡ѹ ҹҧѹѺԴ , Ѻͷҧʹ մѹ 駡õԴͨҡô ʹж·ʹ١㹤 öͧѹ äʹ ¡ اҧ͹·ء ѹ ѡ ͡ҡ ͹觧ҹ պص õǨҧ Ǩʹ ТѺӻ֡ͧ äʹ ҡᾷ͹ Hi guys I have written a tonne of articles on sex toys, bondage and other stuff with which I have some personal experience : D I would like to contribute these articles to your blog as I think that your audience would enjoy reading them and find them useful.

You can access all the articles from my Google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lhtu2c Xb Hoior Z_f_e Jg9hx Z5q BW-NJr?

Usp=sharing Here are some images and banners that you can use: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1g Wxexdmp9w Iec SU2zrj L7u IYh OUm Mg_4? I will send you some more articles once I get a bit more free time as it is quite busy at work at the moment.

I am really trying to expand my blogging presence so it would be awesome if you could link to Anastasia from Peaches and Screams (https://uk). I am also attaching my picture that you could use with each article :) You can select any of my bio pics from this folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19G0Na36Yxa Agki6a R5p L0fpc Tvbddh SM?

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