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Now players can play the same demo that Blizz Con 2018 attendees can from their own home computers.

The demo will include one early Horde zone and one early Alliance zone.

Players will be able to have a limited questing experience as they jump around these classic, re-created areas.

According to Blizzard, home players will be able to play from Nov. For those who don’t know, also become available today.

2 — just after the opening ceremony to Blizz Con — until Nov. Players who purchase a ticket online will get faction-specific cloaks, as well as faction banners to drop on the battlefield to display your pride.

Is getting a free demo on Play Station 4 tomorrow, April 24, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today.

The demo consists of “The Hostage,” the first mission of the game.

Connor, an android that is programmed to hunt down “deviant” androids, must save the life of a girl who has been taken hostage by one of these rogue robots.

The android has already killed the girl’s father, and is holding her at gunpoint on the edge of the building’s roof, 70 stories above the streets of downtown Detroit.

It’s up to you, as Connor, to explore the apartment for clues and figure out the best approach to resolve the situation.

Developer Quantic Dream showed it off in a trailer during Sony’s E3 2016 press briefing.

We played a near-final version of the game for about three hours last week, and it appeared that “The Hostage” made it through mostly unchanged from that 2-year-old trailer.