играть на бесплатные деньги

Google Play is in the giving mood at the moment, with free Google Play credits showing up for many.

Pixel 3 owners are for sure getting a couple of dollars worth, while others might be in luck too.

To check, simply open Google Play and scroll a bit on the main page.

If you are a part of this Google Play promotion, you should see a banner letting you know that free money is yours.

If you aren’t seeing anything there, head into Account Rewards.

If you qualify for something, it should be listed there.

I was handed $2 for being a Pixel 3 owner, yet others have seen $1, $3, and $5.

Do keep in mind that the promo credits seem limited. My promo specifically said that I was getting $2 for being a Pixel 3 owner.

You need to use them pretty quickly, plus my Pixel 3 $2 credit can only be spent on something that costs than $2. Others are seeing cash and may not be a Pixel owner.

All I can tell you is that you should open Google Play and see if there is a reward waiting.

В современное высокотехнологическое время сложно найти человека, который никогда не сталкивался бы с интернет-технологиями, распространению которых способствует и регулярный выход мобильных девайсов.

Однако, новые технологии порождают не только новый функционал, но и новые возможности для мобильного заработка на играх и установке приложений.