играть garageband

I OS has a huge number of fun and useful apps, as you can see from our Best free i Phone apps guide, but one of the very best is Apple's own Garage Band.

With this free music creation tool, you can quickly put together songs adorned with drums, bass, keyboards, guitars and exotic instruments, all without even needing to know how to play.

We show you the basics of finding your way around one of Apple's finest software offerings.

When you first open Garage Band you'll be asked to select the kind of instrument you want to use.

At the top of the screen you'll see two options: Live Loops and Tracks.

Live Loops is a relatively new addition to Garage Band, which allows you to sequence existing recordings in real time.

This might sound complicated, but it's actually very easy.

First of all, select the genre of music you want to use (there's Hip Hop, EDM, Rock and several others available) and you'll be taken to a grid with a number of different coloured squares.

Each square represents a loop, all of which have been selected to work together both in terms of timing and melody.

Now just tap each square to stop or start the playback, adding others whenever you please.

Garage Band will begin each one on the correct beat, so you can't really make any mistakes.

Tapping the arrow at the bottom of each column will also switch on all of those squares at the same time.