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Staff experience includes all current regulatory models, such as AERMOD and CALPUFF, as well as complex terrain modeling tools.

MMA maintains an up-to-date library of all current EPA air quality models, as well as proprietary, special-purpose models.

MMA has the capability to run the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model to generate 3-D meteorological data fields that can be used as inputs for the base for CALPUFF or AERMOD.

Our atmospheric scientists have completed numerous complex modeling projects for a wide range of clients.

Model applications include: We understand that model selection and application are based not only on regulatory requirements, but also on a thorough knowledge of client and project needs, characteristics of project emission sources, facility layout, meteorological factors, surrounding terrain and model limitations.

We design unique modeling approaches as necessary to address regulatory requirements, compliance issues, design/control questions and litigation concerns.

We develop software tools for processing meteorological data, source parameters and model output, as required by project-specific needs.

Software tools allow for efficient and accurate model input, and assist with analyzing and processing model output in specialty cases when other software applications are inadequate.

Download a print-friendly summary of our air quality modeling services.

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