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Vegas Rummy differs from other versions of Rummy in that it incorporates a betting system and improves upon haste of individual rounds.

Vegas Rummy incorporates some of the similar features of all Rummy variants, most notably including melds.

Vegas Rummy is a game that was slowly developed over the course of about one year.

The goal of creating this variation of Rummy was to introduce a system of betting into Rummy.

Vegas Rummy can be played by any number of players, providing of course that there are at least two players.

It is much more desirable to play with more players as the game becomes much more interesting to play. Each game consists of at least one round, and although it is entirely possible for a game to last only a single round, it remains very unlikely.

Each round begins with a shuffle and deal, and ends with the scoring of the round.

The game ends once all players have reached or exceeded the maximum allowed points except for one player, namely the player who won the final round.

All players start with a score of zero, and the maxium score defaults to 100 points.

Player handicapping may occur by setting certain players' starting scores at a positive value.

Game length can be changed by setting a lower score (shorter game) or higher score (longer game).

Before the game can being, all players must agree upon some details.