игра на деньги играть

Kids ages 5–8 can practice identifying, counting and saving money while learning facts about Canadian currency with this innovative and engaging game.

After completing sorting challenges, kids are able to test out their new money skills with an interactive budgeting task.

Players can choose whether to 'save' or 'spend' their winnings in a virtual store equipped with accessories for Peter Pig!

Signing in to GTA Online this week could net you up to $1.15 million of free in-game money.

To mark the end of its busy summer period, the crime sim offers players a $250,000 sign-in bonus this week, followed by an additional $150,000 every day till September 10.

All told, seven days of sign-ins will net you $1.15 million—which will appear in your Maze Bank accounts no later than September 17, so says Rockstar.

Elsewhere, this week's update adds the new Trading Places (Remix) Adversary Mode, which grants players double RP and GTA$.

Likewise, nightclub takings are doubled—which means earning $20K per in-game day at full-popularity—and Business Battle wins also result in double cash and experience points.

I'm yet to play the reworked Trading Places, but I'm a big fan of the teams versus heavily armoured juggernaut original.

Discounts this week target a number of vehicles and aircraft.

The full list can be read here, but my picks are the Mammoth Hydra for $2,910,000 (30 percent off trade price) and the Pegassi Oppressor for $1,590,000 (40 percent off).

Mastering when to ride and when to glide on the latter ain't easy, but it's one of the best vehicles for taking in the scenery in and around Los Santos.