игра мерлин

Merlin by Stefan Feld and Michael Rieneck and Pioneers by Emanuele Ornella are Queen Games' new releases.

Both games are offered in this campaign individually or as a bundle in our Kickstarter Special!

This version of either game will not be in distribution in the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and certain European Countries.

They are only available through Kickstarter or directly from Queen Games at conventions or online.

The Kickstarter Special includes both Merlin and Pioneers as well as an exclusive Queenie for each game.

These Queenies will only be available through Kickstarter and directly from Queen Games at conventions or online.

Development for Merlin and Pioneers, along with their respective Queenies is nearing completion. Kickstarter allows us to provide copies to customers who live in countries in which Queen Games has little or no distribution. Kickstarter allows us to offer special bundles for those who want both games, as well as some exclusive content (the Queenies), plus the opportunity to save on shipping cost.3.

Artwork is completed, and all wooden parts are scheduled for delivery on time. We will make our best effort to deliver the games by Christmas. Kickstarter allows us to promote the new release and present it to fresh audiences.

After fulfillment, Queen Games plans to sell both games directly from their website or at conventions while supplies last.

This will be a limited print run, and so Kickstarter will be a way to guarantee you get a copy.

We do intend to sell the game at the Essen Game Fair, October 2017. We are very aware of our previous difficulties with Kickstarter communication and fulfillment, and we are committed to correcting those problems. Here are changes that you can expect for this campaign: 1.

For the United States we will be using an experienced fulfillment service.