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The king ape King Kong is certainly a giant gorilla that lives on Skull Island and who does not like visitors.

But everything changes when one day a human expedition reached the island in search of this mysterious ape who have heard amazing stories, their goal is to hunt and display it in the city to make money.

But this will not be easy to catch because it is huge and a conventional trap will not work with him.

That is why the team of seasoned adventurers and a beautiful lady, which will be the weakness of the ape.

After trying various attacks and traps no effect, they decided to lay a great Miss ambush using as bait.

While King Kong is entertained with it, the rest will attack and capture him alive to sleep.

The harsh reality hits this when viewed on a boat going to New York to be exposed as an animal in a zoo, which nobody had is with the strength of such a huge being that is able to escape from confinement and ride the tallest building in the city with their hostage in tow.

Play free with this giant gorilla on our website or enjoying the fantastic animations which is the protagonist.

You can go an entire city destroying everything in its path there, releasing the anger of this great gorilla.

If you like games ape King Kong and also feel free to stop by our category of Donkey Kong, Nintendo's famous primate.

Enjoy all the benefits of being a big gorilla like King Kong and the fun begins!

Сегодня нашу коллекцию мега роботов пополнит ещё один впечатляющий экземпляр. В игре вам предстоит собрать механическую копию гориллы.