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Epic Games has released $17,000,000 of content from Paragon, Epic’s high-end action MOBA, for free to all Unreal Engine 4 developers.

The assets, built at a cost of over $17,000,000, encompasses 39 AAA characters and over 1,500 environment components from Paragon.

All of this content is now available inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Download the Paragon packs for free and use them in your own UE4 projects, with no strings attached!

The release of Paragon content includes 39 Heroes, custom animation Blueprints, additional skins for distinct character variants, access the base meshes, plus thousands of textures, VFX and animation cycles, as well as dialogue with hundreds of sound cues.

Plus, developers can access a series of animation livestreams covering methods they can use to get the Paragon animations working on a character in their own project.

Special thanks to OTOY and 3D Scan Store for granting permission to keep intact character materials using their fantastic facial and body scanning technologies as part of this release to the Unreal Engine community.

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