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It’s hard to beat the excitement of the casino gaming floor – the riffling of chips, the flick of the cards, and the lights and sounds of the slots.

Elements Casino offers everything from watching the game at the pub, to a live show on the weekend, or the chance to win a big jackpot.

The next thrill is around the corner at our two locations in British Columbia and four locations in Ontario.

However, honesty of such gambling companies is questionable.

Plus, none of them do justice to the emotionally charged atmosphere of the hall, adrenalin from involvement in the game. OKOIN token is actively used in the infrastructure of VR OKO and OKO Pay projects, developed by VR Technologies company.

The same token is used for betting in the online casino system of VR Casino OKO OKOIN is a liquid means of settlements.

It can be exchanged for fiat money at the rate of exchange after the ICO or be used for paying for goods and services of VR technologies company and its partners.

High demand and developed infrastructure provide stable and steady growth of the token price.

Alpha testing (technical launch) of the platform: integration and synchronization of VR-Web Cam service, correcting of work with different types of devices, checking of security systems and countering DDo S attacks, development and programming of interfaces, setting up of the server-side.

VR Technology is a Czech company, producer of the VR OKO virtual reality headset and developer of the same name infrastructure, the initiator of the OKOIN project.

The headquarters is located in Prague (Czech Republic).

La première plateforme au monde conçue pour la distribution décentralisée de contenus pour les plus de 18 ans et au format Réalité Virtuelle (abrégé de l’anglais : VR) OKOIN, lance son ICO le 14 décembre 2017.