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A Single Payline Slot Machine made with Cocos Creator..love :) Crazy Monkey is a 5-reel single-line slot machine developed with the new (amazing) game development tool Cocos Creator.

The project has been made starting with the first public beta version (0.71) and at the moment of this writing I'm using the 1.0.1 Cocos Creator, released as public beta in march 2016, is a complete package of game development tools and workflow, including a game engine (based on Cocos2d-x), resource management, scene editing, game preview, debug and publish one project to multiple platforms.

In this project/tutorial, I'm going to show some useful Cocos Creator features and at the same time I'll speak about some basic slot machines concept.

For further informations about Cocos Creator visit slot machine discussed here, is a, cross-platform desktop and mobile, 5-reel single-line slot machine where each reel, made with a set of 9 symbols, has 32 stops. - textures: contains all the textures used with sprites and prefabs Scripting 1.1 Reel A reel is a class that extends a cc. It defines the following public properties: The layout logic of the (32) symbols is quite easy to understand.

Here the symbols used to make the reels: textures where: - scripts: contains all the Javascript classes that define the game logic. Looping throughout the stops array the Y value of each node will be decreased of a padding value and the stop node height.

Bear in mind that each anchor point of a stop node has been defined as (0,0).

Moreover note that the starting y has been calculated using the reel node height. [Screen Shot](https://raw.github.com/alchimya/cc-crazy-monkey/master/screenshots/stops_layout.png) 1.2 Stops Reel Motion The reel motion is quite esay to understand. Component superclass), each Y node (each item of the stops array property) is increased of an arbitrary value that can be expressed as: Step Y=Stop Height/N It's quite easy to understand that if N-0 the reel speed will increase.

When a stop Y is greater or equal than the node (reel) height, it will moved after the last (tail) item: 1.3 Reel (P)RNG The winning logic of a reel object, is driven by a Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) see assets script.

On each reel it is possible to set the range, as min and max value, within the random number will be generated.

Here the values used for the five reels to generate the winning index.

Note that the number of how many times the reel will rool, is generated randomly too. This is a slot machine with a single pay line placed at the center of the reels container.