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Below you will find the 25 best stealth games ever released on PC.

There are sneaking missions, grand thefts, assassinations, escapes and infiltrations. Stealth games fall into various categories but I tend to think of them as either ‘pure’ or ‘diluted’.

A pure stealth game is one in which the player has no alternative to sneaking and hiding, and in which combat is at best a frantic and painful last resort, and at worst is cause for immediate failure.

Diluted stealth games are those in which creeping around in the shadows and avoiding contact with enemies, or incapacitating them without being spotted, is one of several options.

In those games, there are usually several approaches to any given scenario and being spotted often simply causes the game to shift gears rather than stalling or spinning out of control.

Most of the games listed are pure, or tend toward purity.

That’s partly because stealth is an option in so many games now that worlds are becoming more open that an argument could be made for almost any action game you care to mention.

Even if you can choose to attack every enemy base with nothing but a knife and a (silent) prayer if you decide to leave your rocket launcher at home, that doesn’t mean the game is due for consideration on this list.

That’s not a snub toward any particular game or series, it’s simply a way to exercise control and give the 25 games below some contextual meaning. You can navigate the list by clicking the links below or by following the next page button at the bottom of each page.

As you play the role of the world's greatest assassin, you may want to enable cheats for greater success in "Hitman: Blood Money." Activating cheats on the PC involves editing a game file, so it is recommended that you make a backup of the file before editing it and applying the changes.

That way, if something goes screwy, you can replace the original file.

While playing the game, press C on the keyboard to display the cheat menu. Press up or down to select the cheat, and and then press left or right to toggle the options for it.