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Make a Green Choice when you stay at River Rock Casino Resort!

You may decline housekeeping for stays over 1 night to conserve water, energy and other resources.

In return for going Green, you can choose for a $5 Food Credit, $5 donation to the David Suzuki Foundation, or 500 extra I-Prefer Member points.

River Rock Casino Resort is the first hotel & casino property to sign on to local company Chop Value’s chopstick recycling program.

Located in our casino, Number 3 Chinese Restaurant currently features custom tables made from a total of 425,000 recycled chopsticks.

Over 100,000 chopsticks end up in the landfill in Vancouver every day and River Rock is committed to improving our environmental footprint.

By giving chopsticks a second life, carbon dioxide emissions are stored in recycled bamboo products, instead of entering the atmosphere.

This keeps carbon dioxide emissions away from the ozone layer, reducing global warming effects.

In Number 3 Chinese Restaurant, 1,416 tiles of recycled chopsticks are used as table tops, storing 427,632 grams of carbon dioxide.

This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide output of driving an average car for 30 days.

By recycling bamboo chopsticks from our dining outlets, River Rock will reduce waste and continue our sustainable business model.

To date, Chop Value has recycled over 5 million chopsticks in Vancouver, saving 15,000 kg of waste from entering the landfill.