golden palace

He thinks they are flying over to tell him his dog died. A comic duo is coming for a radio show live from The Golden ... After Dorothy gets married and leaves the group, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia buy a hotel. For that particular reason, they fall back on the experience of the trusted manager and the funny cook. When Dorthy got married & the show ended on an emotional side I was saddened... With Blanche mostly running the front entrance, Rose as the maid, & Sophia (along with Cheech) as the cooks, the zany hotel gets a good taste of the Golden Girls!

They all are moving to Southbeach into a hotel that they decided to purchase.

It all begins with the remaining Golden Girls packing up the house because it was Sold!

The show wasn't terrible by all means...actually it was nice to be with the girls again.

Where it went wrong was to many story-lines in each show. The better parts of the show are (few & far in between) when the girls are actually together to discuss the problems over cheesecake.

As much as I want this to be perfect (like the Golden Girls) it's not.

Dorthy is a BIG part that is missing..bringing her on a couple of episodes towards the end wasn't enough to save the show.

The Golden Girls will always be remembered as a WONDERFUL show.

I think only the die-hard fans (like myself) will remember this one though.

: Golden Girls war eben Golden Girls und zwar nur mit allen 4 und da darf keine fehlen.

Trotzdem beim erneuten ansehen auf DVD fand ich Golden Palace schon ein wenig besser als bei der Erstausstrahlung damals.

Hatte sie seitdem nie wieder gesehen, erst im letzten Jahr 2018 zum ersten Mal wieder und da gefiel sie mir komischerweise besser.