gold pharaon

At Trax NYC we offer an incredibly wide variety of Metal, from simple enough for the office to fancy enough for the most extravagant of occasions.

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This product is handcrafted by Traxnyc jewelers in the heart of the new york city diamond district.

It is manufactured without compromise for quality and durability.

We stand behind that statement with an extended warranty to ensure the product you are purchasing is of the caliber that lasts a lifetime.

10k 10K is also known as 417 because it is 41.7% pure gold.

Being that it is less then 50% gold it is not used in most high-end jewelry, however with today's record gold prices that view is slowly changing and seem to be the case that "10k is the new 14k." Regardless of that, 10k is the most practical and inexpensive way to show off heavy gold jewelry, and in most cases identical to 14k gold to an untrained eye.

When dealing with precious metals the total value is determined by the weight of the metal, usually per gram and the labor involved in working with it (such as polishing, casting etc.).

The heavier the weight of the metal in your jewelry the more value it has and the more you will have to pay for it.

Below is a list of weights that we recommend when purchasing a certain type of jewelry.

Mens Rings - 12-25 Grams Mens Earrings- 1-5 Grams Mens Braceletes 30-150 Grams Mens Chains -20-150 Grams Mens Pendants/Crosses - 20-60 Grams Note: This weight mostly pretrial to gold jewelry.

At Trax NYC our customer policy is built around making your purchase experience better than in any other jewelry store or website.