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Pala Casino RV Resort joined the small percentage of resorts to be awarded the coveted 10/10*/10 rating from the industry’s leading publication Good Sam.

Pala Casino RV Resort’s top marks are in every category including facilities, restrooms and showers and visual appearance.

All registered guests and visitors use the Pala Casino RV Resort facilities and amenities at their own risk.

The RV Resort, its owners, employees and agents are not responsible for loss, injury, or theft to persons or their property while on the RV Resort premises.

The RV Resort is not responsible for the acts of its guests and visitors, or acts of nature.

All guests must register at the RV Resort office prior to proceeding to their reserved site number.

Guests are permitted ONE (1) RV and TWO (2) vehicles per assigned site.

All vehicles must be parked off the street and may not be left unattended for more than 24 hours. Each RV owner is responsible for the orderly maintenance of their individual site; it is to be kept clean at all times. Please make alternative arrangements with a local mail service provider.

Please be advised that Civil Code § § 799. allow for removal of a recreational vehicle from a recreational vehicle resort when the guest fails to depart by the checkout time on the agreed date. Unless specified otherwise in writing, the nightly and weekly site rental is due in full at the time of arrival.

All recreational vehicles must be currently registered and maintained in good condition and in running order.

Pala Casino RV Resort must approve any RV 15 years and older.

No RV deemed to be in “poor” condition (e.g., broken or cracked windows, flat tires, rusted, badly dented, or in need of paint) will be allowed to remain in the RV Resort.