garage игра скачать

Luckily, the app is available for i Pad, i Phone and Android devices right from the start, because every child, especially preschool kids are going to want to play this app: My Little Work – Garage!

We also have a lot of older kids in our team, who actually also love to play this game – and even we as adults had fun whilst testing! One car after the other needs to be repaired, cleaned or spray painted on seven different stations of this garage game.

Many various activities and possibilities are offered, whereby the customers wishes need to be considered too.

The app works completely without the use of audio response, whatever the cars need, will be communicated to the children via speech bubbles.

Changing rims and checking the pressure of the tires Some customers want new rims or tires, others only have a flat tire which needs to be handled like a professional.

In this area you come across an assembly line at the bottom of the screen, where you can scrol your way through all the various tires that are offered.

For more alternation, you can unlock more objects, which will become even bigger in range the further you carry on playing, thereunder tires, body parts, and special car accessories – very motivating!

Repairing engines and maintenance Even by looking at the engine, kids will come across various interesting activities.

Sometimes they need to refill the oil and at other times the battery is empty.

Earning money and building dream-cars If the customers were satisfied with the kids job, they earn a bit of money with every repair which can be spent on new vehicle parts.

In the old backyard are four cars that personally belong to the children, which they can also revamp and remodel as they wish.

Multiplayer mini race-games You can even take part in some race games with your own cars.