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As a gaming group we bear a high social and sociopolitical responsibility that we thoroughly accept and embrace.

Right from the beginning we have integrated this philosophy into our corporate culture and are actively engaged in arts, cultural, sports and social activities and gaming operations to manufacturing and related ancillary services.

NOVOMATIC Gaming Industries Gmb H in turn acts as a holding for various national and international interests within the gaming industry, including Gaming, if strictly regulated and fair, is an entertaining and unwinding pastime.

However, for a small percentage of players, gaming can become the main focus in their life leading to numerous problems Austria’s NOVOMATIC Group, through its Spanish subsidiary NOVOMATIC Gaming Spain, has acquired a majority shareholding in Gi Games.

Through the newly announced partnership with NOVOMATIC, Europe’s largest gaming group and a major player on the world stage, Gi Games and the Conei Group are now confident of ensuring continued growth as manufacturers and distributors of gaming equipment and on expanding and improving their product offerings.

Extreme Live Gaming became part of the NOVOMATIC Group of Companies in 2014.

The company was originally founded in 2013 with the ambitious brief of taking live casino gaming to a whole new level of competition and entertainment.

Through the acquisition of Extreme Live Gaming, NOVOMATIC UK has set down a bold new marker in the online live casino space with the aim of delivering the ultimate world class gaming experience.

Extreme Live Gaming has developed its own unique approach to the live dealer studio experience by fully immersing the player right at the heart of the game.

Its X-Mode features deliver an unrivalled blend of cutting edge technology and incredible experience via a team of live dealer specialists.

The Extreme Live Gaming portable platform delivers a distinctive and intuitive casino experience to players straight from their portable device.

The company offers a fantastic range of live products including Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette.