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Play CTR - Crash Team Racing (Sony Play Station) online CTR - Crash Team Racing is a Sony Play Station game that you can play online for free on Game-Oldies.

Just press the "PLAY NOW" button and follow instructions.

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At Bug Splat, we are passionate about preventing software and video game crashes—but not all crashes are caused by bugs in code!

In the early 80’s the video game industry was booming in North America - the price of home consoles had dropped, and the demand for new video games was skyrocketing.

The video game craze had everyone wanting to play video games, and companies were scrambling to meet the demands of consumers.

The stage was set for the most famous video game crash in history. And what impact did it have on the games we love to play today?

In 1983, the video game industry was hit with a recession that nearly spelled the end of video games for an entire generation. ——------In 1983, the video game industry, although growing rapidly, was still a niche market a fraction of the size that it is today.

Critics were calling video gaming a fad, and many prominent companies went bankrupt or stopped making games entirely. Between 19, this fledgling industry contracted by an astounding 97%, devastating video game companies and leading many leading industry critics to predict the end of home video games.

This recession is known as the Great North American Video Game Crash. The immediate result was that many companies producing video games, especially smaller third-party development companies, were forced to shut down.

Equally critically, toy stores, who had been the main distributors for video games, concluded that they were just a fad and stopped promoting them in stores.