game fortune

Captain a ship in one of the most intense rich-rushes in history!

Choose to be ether a Whaler or Merchant and when you set out from port, nothing but your wits stands between you and a watery grave.

Seas of Fortune will immerse you in the cold hard truth about life at sea, but you're not alone.

Your crew stands with you in your battle for survival and riches.

Keep morale up, supplies stocked and the ship in repair.

There are riches to be had, and Legends to be found. Its been a while, these last few months after the summer was rough, and involved a lot of hard work considering we have no budget and we have to keep such an ambitious project alive!

We had our last community build out a while back and used a lot of the feedback we got from the greatest community on earth to fix and tweak things, so here is a list of what we have been up to, lets get straight to it!

Our great animator Captain Lee spent a whole lot of time doing animations for us, as you saw in our previous update he spent most of his time on the first person hands.

We have now added some of those in the build, after that he spent even more time doing some animations for the crew members, the focus this time was mostly idle animations.

* Implemented TRADING - Players can now buy / sell goods at ports. * Modified the 'Third-person' camera view (Pressing 'V') with limiters and slightly smoother transitions (WIP) * Added the Crew System which includes two different behaviors (Deck Scrubbing, Talking).

(In the future, Crew members will be able to dynamically switch between tasks) * Crew Members now have their clothing and beard randomized * Added a weather system (it can rain, clouds can change, etc.) * Added a day & night system (currently too fast!

) * Completed Crafting System and UI overhaul * Added the character customization screen (portrait) * Added the ability to use a candle ("L") when its dark * Added the ability to pick up and hold a pipe ("P") * Added lanterns throughout the ship which can be turned on/off ("E") * Added cannons that can be fired (X6) ("E") * Sails are now animated (only an idle cycle for the time being) * Integrated audio hooks on the character (walking) * Integrated audio tracks and ambient loops (including a dynamic ambient audio system that is synchronized with ship water movement) * Added some crafting recipes * Improved water physics (buoyancy) and ship's navigation controls (WIP) * When using the whipstaff to navigate, can now lean left/right using "Z" and "C" * Replaced previous islands with new models, textures and lighting * Improved the Quest System by adding a new series of new Quest Categories: Craft a good, Buy a good, Sell a good.