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There have been many dozens of anti-Satanic books written by conservative Christian authors, mainly sold in Evangelical Christian book stores.

In some cases, the authors appear to create information out of thin air.

Others seem to copy the works of other conservative Christian writers.

Few if any appear to have any direct knowledge of Satanism.

We analyzed 14 books and handouts which attack Satanism.

All show a general lack of familiarization with the religion.

One example of the lack of credibility of these books is their list of Satanic ritual days of celebration.

We have found the following holidays listed; (book codes are listed below): With reference to Rebecca Brown's book, one wonders what Satanists do in England which has no Thanksgiving holiday, or in Canada which celebrates Thanksgiving on a different day from the US.

She states that a Black Mass is celebrated yearly, on Easter Weekend when the moon is full.

Because of the way in which Easter is defined, Satanists could not celebrate Mass yearly according to that formula; only about one year in seven.

This book has been seriously damaged by an investigation by Personal Freedom Outreach, an Evangelical Christian ministry, which claims that the book is a fraud.

The authors of Michelle Remembers mention that Satanists' ritual days correspond to the Roman Catholic celebrations of the liturgical year.