fruit slots

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This will also apply to any upgrades or packages purchased at the time of signing up.... Updated my old big 7 release, thought i would make it as new release.

Another old layout upgraded from me, originally made in 2014 as a mini 1024wdx, it's Sheik yer Money. Borders gone, backgrounds black, token mech put on the token one, hacked sound effects for the token one for the token mech sound to work for now, until the emulator is updated (i will correct this at a later date), 7 segs alte... Without both of the above people, this probably would never ha...

This is now much bigger also updated Alpha displayseven segsadded reel gradients to reelsblended the logo lamps and others Thanks goto the original 1024fdx creator Daem... I have tries to colour coordinate the ladder and escape squares, this will hopefully be ok until it is DX'ed. The Italian Job (commonly referred to as Italian Job 2) Special thanks to two people in particular and yes I'm going to shout. Evil Streak This layout requires MFME v6.1 or later versions of the emulator.

Next up and a while since the last "New" release from me. Loading the layout into later versions of MFME, will stop the layout from loading in V6.1.

It's the turn of Stir Crazy with its flip card ( which was fun to recreate). Due to the Bahnschrift font used, being part of Windows 10, this layout will only look as fully intended when usin...

The flipcard normally uses 3 lamps blue/white/red but mfme6.1 only uses one, where as the next Mfme update uses all three. Thanks to the rom provider, and the play testers, geddy ,superbank and uncle chicken and a massive thanks to wizard for his amazing emulator. Another Enlargement of one of my mini layouts from the past (2014) i have nudge wink and still have the larger arts for Qps's Pink Panther £25 should the sound roms appear!!

If there's any other of my mini layouts people request bigger then i can see if i can source the original flyers/...

Not a new release but another resized one this time it's Trick or Treat by global games set @ £5/10p Thanks on this re-release goto Richy1976 for correcting the payout problem the original had via the newer mfme Notes from the original '2014' release T...

I originally released this along with the £8 version in mini format for mfme10.1 so its only right to resize and release this edition on the £10jp as its only a base decal change.

Если вы ищите красивую 3d анимацию, необычные игровые бонусы, какую-то историю — тут всего этого нет.

Игра Fruit Slots — это предельно простой слот, с тремя барабанами и всего одной активной линией.