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Also available on DVD Group screenings: Kino Lorber EDU Do you know how kiwifruit first got to your supermarket? Still an inspiration in her 90s, Frieda’s daughters and granddaughter carry on the business legacy.

Fear No Fruit chronicles produce pioneer Frieda Caplan’s rise from being the first woman entrepreneur on the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market in the 1960s, to transforming American cuisine by introducing over 200 exotic fruits and vegetables to U.

We define “Fruitscaping™” as the mixing of edible and ornamental plants in your landscape.

Try starting with a blueberry hedge down your driveway or property line.

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We have had an amazing success rate with our grafted Secondo avocados this season!

Our own selection from a cross between the Hass and Sharwill, the fruit is smooth and creamy from a Hass-like skin and is often produced in the second year.

Prolific and self pollinating, what's not to love?

#daleysfruittreenursery #daleysnursery #seedlings #grafted #grafting #avocadoseed #avocadoseedling #avo #secondo #tinytree #fruittree #potplants A post shared by Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery (@daleysfruit) on If you have not purchased mail order fruit trees from us before then please read our Customers Testimonial Page Fruit Trees have been our fruitful joy since 1980 when we first started selling them at our local markets.

Since then we have successfully mail ordered Fruit Trees along with many other Plants.

Australia is a country where people want to make their own little Rain Forest or Nut Tree Plantation.