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Prepare to be dazzled by the roaring flames which engulf fruity favorites on the red-hot reels of 20 Dazzling Hot, one of the most recent online slots to be released by Bulgarian-based EGT (Euro Games Technology).

Flashbacks of sinking your teeth into mouthwatering fruit combinations on 5 Dazzling Hot will instantly flood back as you load the 20 Dazzling Hot video slot, and for good reason.

Renowned for revamping the structure of previously released casino slot machines and subsequently launching sequels with a different number of paylines, EGT is at its old tricks once again.

As the title suggests, 20 Dazzling Hot is the latest addition to the established software provider’s no-frills Dazzling Hot series.

The title also gives away the key difference between 20 Dazzling Hot and the debut game in the series, 5 Dazzling Hot.

While 5 Dazzling Hot offers five fixed paylines to secure juicy wins, 20 Dazzling Hot tempts you into spinning the reels by quadrupling the number of paylines to 20.

Does that mean the winning potential has been quadrupled too, we hear you ask?

And are there more bonus features in this 20-payline version than in 5 Dazzling Hot? As you’ll see from reading the rest of this slot review, there is a top prize of 1,000x your stake and the bonus features are identical to those in 5 Dazzling Hot.

The increased number of paylines should – in theory, at least – mean you’ll be more satisfied by a greater number of chances to win on every spin.

Naturally, this increased number of paylines corresponds to larger bet sizes.

By default, your bet will be preset to a low limit of 20 credits whenever the fruity reels of 20 Dazzling Hot load.

However, the size of your bet can easily be altered.