forest secrets

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest was a Stage play that made its début on February 11, 2010.

There were secrets in the play such as possessing the Feather Pin or any of its variants allowed access to the bridge and the Phoenix Queen's home. To cross the river, you must have Enchanted Feather.

In this stage play, the Bamboo Forest is home to a Monkey King. It had a new feather (The Enchanted Feather Pin) and a new item in the Costume Trunk. The play returned on February 4, 2015 and The Enchanted Feather Pin returned to the Beacon. To Find this feather you will need to leave the Stage and explore the island. As you leave the Stage door, dodge flying snowballs, travel past coffee and a docked boat. Climb its stairs to find the Enchanted Feather you seek.

The objective of this stage play was find the Golden Feather. The play was returned to the Stage on October 7, 2010. The story is about the Monkey King, his friend Funny Pig, and their quest to find treasure in the Phoenix Queen's palace.

Before they can enter the palace, they need to find the Golden Feather.

Monkey King and Funny Pig search all over the Island and finally get it.

They return to the palace with the feather, to find their ways blocked by the Queen's Guardian Dog.

He tells them that the only way to enter is to find the Golden Feather.

Monkey shows him the feather and Guardian Dog lets them in.

The Phoenix Queen greets Monkey King eagerly, and congratulates both Monkey King and Funny Pig for their dedication with a background.

They all end up happy and hope for new adventures in the future.

Disappointment seeped through her, weariness over her long journey wore down her resolve to be strong and the desire to cry caused her eyes to burn.