farm gold

We are building a platform where farmers can access products and services that they will need for agriculture.

We would like to deliver convenience, affordability and reliability through a simplified delivery network.

We will be a mobile first service which will be supported by cloud infrastructure married to IOT and agriculture specific predictive algorithms.

The network will be open to all stakeholders who have an interest in interacting or transacting with the farmer.

Our goal is to facilitate the first million small and marginal farmers in India who have doubled their net farm income through their engagement with our platform.

There usually isn’t much gold ore or gold bars on the auction house, and as a miner you can smelt the gold ore into gold bars to sell them that way.

When farming Gold Ore you will also find yourself collecting a lot of Iron Ore and Mithril.

You need at least 115 Mining to gather Gold and you’ll probably want to be level 35-50 (see the specific routes for details).

Gold Veins spawn over top Iron Veins, so make sure that you empty out Iron Veins if you are looking for Gold.

There is a huge range that Gold Ore/Bars sell for on the auction house. Farming Gold Ore in Western Plaguelands The best place to farm Gold Ore is in Western Plaguelands.

You’ll want to be about level 35-40, stick to WPL though, EPL does not have nearly as many potential gold veins.

You will also find a lot of Iron Ore here, make sure you empty out the Iron Veins since the Gold Veins will spawn where the Iron Veins were.