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Party begins with a magical makeover that includes dress-up, floral band headpieces and sparkly Face Paint designs and make-up.

Guests will attend a Fairyland Ceremony to become Fairies and receive a Sparkly Wings and a unique Fairy name. The stage is set, so get ready to Party like a Rock Star!

You’ll get a Rock Star makeover with Rockin’ costumes (Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz, Ketty Perry, High School musical, Hanna Montana….), stage-worthy attire and accessories, make-up and nail polish.

The fun begins with practicing your Dance Moves and then it’s off to your big event.

The crowd will go wild as you perform your hit single on the karaoke underneath the disco ball!

The rockin’ memories live on forever with a Rock Star photo for the Birthday Girl!

Enjoy your best birthday ever with the ultimate Glitz & Glam pampering!

Each guest is treated with glitzy worthy attire, hair extension, make-up makeover and manicure with fun nail polish.

The fun continues with the Fashion Show on the stage, karaoke singing and showing your dance moves to top 40 hits underneath the disco ball.

Birthday Girl gets to take her Glitz & Glam experience home with her Glam Photo keepsake.

When we left the Furious Fairy Five, the show had overcome some of its more egregious technical issues but still hadn't figured out what it wanted to be.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to not knowing what to do: do classic folk-tales.