ф слотс

Deconstruct and reconstruct with TRAKTOR KONTROL F1.

Capture and load all your favorite loops and samples on-the-fly into Remix Decks.

Any sound imaginable becomes a building block for your own remix masterpiece.

Or explore a new way to mix with your tracks using the F1 with Stems – a new multi-channel file format for creative mixing.

Four volume faders and dedicated filter knobs allow mixing and filtering sounds loaded in the Remix Deck slots or the four different parts of a Stem file.

Mute and unmute Remix Deck Slots or Stem parts with the touch of a button.

Or trigger and arrange Remix Deck sounds with sixteen multi-color pads to add live, spontaneous flair to your performance.

Manipulate and rearrange your creations with vinyl and CDJ decks you already know.

Using TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 with TRAKTOR PRO 3 and timecode vinyl, fuse classic DJ workflow with an element of live performance – and mix with your edits on wax at any moment.

Load entire Remix Sets instantly or browse and load individual sounds or Stem files from TRAKTOR's browser.

Scroll through 4 pages of 16 pads with the push encoder. Trigger Remix Deck loops and samples with 16 multi-colored pads.

Pressing the Shift button accesses functions like Punch mode and FX assignments.