evolution games

These stick creatures are not only racing for their lives, but for the lives of their children!

After each round, the one that made it the furthest gets to reproduce... Over time, mutations and natural selection lead to faster and faster creatures.

For more challenges, try out the different terrains (the pits are dastardly), get your creature to push a heavy box, or fight against other creatures.

If you've made a creature you really like, you can share its DNA with your friends, challenging them to a duel, or letting them evolve your creature themselves.

No big surprise, this game/simulation is based on evolution.

The 'fittest' creature survives to pass its genes on to the next round, with some mutations, of course.

In the basic setup, the furthest creature in the race is the winner.

You can replace this 'natural' selection, though, with 'artificial' selection by clicking on one of the rows after the race is done.

That will overrule the race results, and pick that creature as the winner.

The creature properties and behaviors are controlled by a string of numbers - which we can roughly think of as their DNA.

The values in this DNA control the length of the various limbs, the number of limbs, where each limb is connected to the body, what the starting angle of the limb is, and what its angular speed is.

Between all these factors, your creature's behaviors and structure are completely determined.