energy bonus

The bonus, which is prorated based on hire date, was given after the company met its annual goal.

The company is owned by Jeffery Hildebrand and was founded in 1989.

Game ingredients: Radish, Red Cabbage This recipe restores 240 energy and 108 health. -A dozen radishes-1 red pepper-¼ head of red cabbage-¼ red onion-4 tablespoons olive oil-½ teaspoon salt, pepper, thyme, tarragon, and oregano-Greek salad dressing Remove and discard the stems and tails of the radishes, and then cut them in half.

It can be obtained from Emily after reaching 7 hearts and increases maximum energy by 50. Cut the red pepper into six large chunks, removing seeds and the stem as well.

Fire up the barbeque ‘cause this dish requires some grillin’.

The red cabbage can be cut into wedges or slice off a few layers in large pieces. Cut the red onion into thick slices, try not to separate the pieces. Place the tin foil-wrapped radishes on the grill and add the red cabbage.

With a silicone or pastry brush, coat the cabbage with the olive oil mixture, and then close the lid to the barbeque and let it cook for 10 minutes.

Flip the red cabbage and add the pepper and the onion, coating both with the olive oil.

Cook everything for about another 6 minutes in total, uncovered, flipping the vegetables as needed.

Remove all the vegetables from the barbeque and shut it off, then cut the cabbage, onion, and red pepper into smaller chunks.

Taste a piece and adjust the seasonings as needed, and then combine it all to make a salad of sorts.

Toss or drizzle with Greek salad dressing, and serve as a side dish while still warm.