эмулятор resident бесплатно

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I just spent two weeks trying to get a psx emulator to work on my pc to play RE2, RE2 demo and lots of others. I liked how there was no voice over and shows what files to copy and where to in a simple to understand vid.

RE Outbreak has been free to play online since I started coming to this sub. Not sure if this is the same group or if there are multiple RE outbreak free servers.yep, I read the best version of RE2 to emulate is the gamecube version for the best graphics I think.

I also got FF Tactics, Tomb Raider II, RE2 Demo, and other PSX only games.

Besides graphics, are there any other reasons to play the gamecube version?

I know the N64 version had exclusive files not found in any other version before it.

I did Gamecube emulator for RE2 and 3 this past weekend oddly enough.

Upping the resolution in the settings made them look pretty crisp (as much as is possible, anyway).

I used a PS3 controller so it even felt like the genuine experience in terms of muscle memory too, it just looked a bit better.