джорджио мородер music from battlestar galactica

Italian musician, complete in every aspect (Ortisei, Trentino-Alto Adige, April 26, 1940). Winner of 3 Academy Awards, 3 Grammy Awards, 3 Golden Globes, USA, is considered one of the most innovative and influential musicians in electronic and disco music.

Founder of Musicland Studios, in the 70s invented the Munich Sound (often confused with Italo-Disco which will arrive later) and created the first icons with Donna Summer and Roberta Kelly. Children Of The Mission, Common Cause (3), George E Il Suo Complesso, Giorgio And The Morodians, Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder Project, Inter-Mission, Munich Machine, Rock Romance, Spinach (3), Stop Studio Group, The Banana Crew, The Great Unknowns B.

This was his production all the way and was the blueprint for all subsequent Techno/Trance tracks.

This is the man responsible for maybe the most influential electronic track of the last 25 years, 'Donna Summer's' - 'I Feel Love'.

I believe you can't be more wrong than speaking about one-hit-wonder or low production skills with Giorgio Moroder together.

Moroder, Giorgio M., Giorgio Maroder, Giorgio Mordoer, Giorgio Moroda, Giorgio Moroder Project, Giorgio Morodor, Giorgio Morogder, Giorgio Morrodor, Giorgio Morrone, Giorgio-Moroder, Giorgo Moroder, Giorio Moroder, Girogio Moroder, Glorgio Moroder, Gm, Goirgio Moroder, Gorge Moroder, Gorgio Moroder, Griogio Moroder, J. Мородер, Джорджио Мородер, Джорджо, Джорджо Мородэр, Мароди, ジョルジオ・モローデル, ジョルジオ・モロダー For what it's worth, he also wrote a goofy vocalese novelty called "Doo-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo," which Benny Hill got hold of, had his arranger Ronnie Aldrich cook up an instrumental version, and it became standard background music for his comedy sketches. This man has got at home three Oscars for his work on Top Gun, Flashdance and Midnight Express, three Grammys and four Golden Globes.

Moroder, Georg Moroder, George, George Moroder, Georgeo Moroder, Georgie Moroder, Georgio, Georgio Monoder, Georgio Moroder, Georgio Morodor, Giogio Moroder, Giorgi Moroder, Giorgio, Giorgio And Friends, Giorgio G Moroder, Giorgio G. Giorgio, Maroder, Maroder, Giorgio, Master Gio, Morader, Morder, Moroda, Morode, Moroder, Moroder G., Moroder Giorgio, Moroder R., Moroder, G., Moroder, Giorgio, Morodes, Morodor, Morris, Morroder, Дж. Daft Punk dragged him out of 'retirement' and now he is touring the DJ circuit in his 70s..... Besides of these gems he made tons of crappy stuff, but also many of timeless pop classics like You Take My Breath Away, What a Feeling, Love Kills with Freddie Mercury or theme song from Neverending Story and many more than average songs and sountracks.

He has little street creed due to his disco past, which is ridiculous and unfortunate..belongs in the Hall Of Fame...3 of his biggest 'disco' hits rocked (Bad Girls, Hot Stuff, Call Me)....oh, and he basically created Electronic music (precursor to today's EDM) with I Feel Love.... Donna Summer won 3 Grammies with 9 total nominations under his production.... He did not produce just I Feel Love, The Chase and E=MC2 album, as it may look from perspective of electronic dance music hardcore fan.

und von 19 drei Oscars, und zwar für die Filmmusik zu 12 Uhr nachts – Midnight Express, für den Filmsong Flashdance …

Ulrich in Gröden, Südtirol) ist ein italienischer Musikproduzent und Komponist, dessen Karriere in Deutschland begann und der seit 1978 seinen Hauptwohnsitz in den Vereinigten Staaten hat.

What a Feeling (Irene Cara) aus dem Film Flashdance und für den Filmsong Take My Breath Away (Berlin) aus dem Film Top Gun – Sie fürchten weder Tod noch Teufel.

Außerdem komponierte er für die Olympischen Spiele 1984 in Los Angeles den offiziellen Olympia-Song Reach Out (Paul Engemann), für die Olympischen Spiele 1988 in Seoul den offiziellen Olympia-Song Hand in Hand (Koreana) und für die Fußballweltmeisterschaft 1990 in Italien den offiziellen Song Un’estate italiana (Gianna Nannini und Edoardo Bennato).