джокер в картах значение

Анелия Чадова • �� ЛЮБОВЬ ПО ОШИБКЕ ()(завершено).

Кьяза • �� Новогодняя ловушка��.

A little prologue before you read the channelling, if I may.

Let us firstly acknowledge the growth within each individual reading this. This is most encouraging and in its rightful place. We know, without you having to ask, that you wish to speak of THE EVENT.

so many now, enables us to bring messages through on a Higher Vibration than before.

There seems to be a ‘buzz’ once again, some saying it is about to happen ‘soon’.

My thoughts were, that if it is to happen any time soon, you might have mentioned it in passing!!?? We are more than happy to speak of it for it is indeed, ever closer/nearer.

the recommendation for fulfilling Change has been accepted, approved, ticked and put in the out-tray!

Many are FEELING so strongly that something is about to happen.

Without question there seems to be upheavals mixed with moments of clarity, within everyone’s daily lives.

We would say that the ‘pressure’ has built up to such a degree that the cork is beginning to ‘release’ in order to break free. All we can say is that a phenomenal Event is to occur.

Only in that, the FEELING that so many are experiencing is the level in which ‘Everything is occurring’. I get what you are saying, yet, could I ask you to ‘word’ it better, for readers to understand?