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, the 1970 British crime drama best known as Mick Jagger’s acting debut, had a challenging route to screen.

But despite troubles with studio Warner Bros, the film, which defines the bohemian London of the 1960s, has gone on to be considered one of the best British films of all time.

, written and compiled by Jay Glennie, tells the story of its chaotic production, gives a glimpse behind-the-scenes with over 500 images including many never seen before, and looks at its legacy through the eyes of star Jagger, as well as Nic Roeg, who directed the film alongside Donald Cammell and producer Sandy Lieberson.

Glennie has given Deadline an exclusive look at the book, which is released via Coattail Publishing on December 1.

Jagger says, “It’s actually hard to believe that we’re still talking about the film 50 years later. It’s amazing that it has achieved such longevity and interest.

You know we thought we were making a pretty niche English film of that period; it’s a very English film of that period isn’t it?

It’s nice to hear there are so many fans of , which was filmed in 1968, is the movie that arguably defines the late 60s in bohemian London.

It tells the story of Chas Devlin, a gangster played by James Fox who is the diligent enforcer for his boss, Harry Flowers, played by Johnny Shannon.

Killing a rival puts the fragile status quo of the London underworld at risk and forces Chas to run and look for refuge until he can slip out of England.

A Notting Hill townhouse owned by Turner, a burnt-out rock star played by Jagger, appears to be the ideal short-term hideaway.

That is until Chas allows Turner’s ménage à trois to mess with his identity even further.

The film was written by Cammell and produced by Lieberson, who made the transition from agent to the likes of Peter Sellers, Richard Harris and Sergio Leone.